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Dining Room
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  • All owner occupied homes, before being put on the market, can benefit from professional advice and an objective eye.

  • The basic goal is to make the home “move in ready”and have the buyer fall in love and have to live there.

  • This includes a discussion of your goals and expectations.

  • A walk through of the home with “buyers eyes”.

  • Assessment of furniture, accessories, room focal points and balance, paint and flooring color and condition, lighting adequacy, traffic flow, smells, clutter, curb appeal and updates and repairs needed.

  • Provides a list of qualified, preferred resources. ( eg. painters, handymen, movers and packers.)

  • Consultation is a minimum of two hours. The fee is $200.00 which can be applied to the staging fee.


Staged by Shelley develops and executes complete staging of occupied and vacant homes.

  • We will organize your home to appeal to the most potential buyers by de-cluttering, de-personalizing and neutralizing colors.

Vacant Homes

We will dramatically enhance the marketability and appeal by staging with beautiful furniture and accessories.


Occupied Homes

We will use the existing furniture and accessories the homeowner already owns. We will provide additional furniture and accessories if needed.

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