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I have had the pleasure of working with Shelley Neel and her team for over four years. She delivers outstanding results to our clients with her incredible work ethic, ability to direct others and fabulous East Coast Style.  I appreciate her flexibility. She owns all of her own staging materials and works with her own cleaning crew so she is very accommodating with our sometimes challenging schedules. Shelley has worked on our listings small and large, from condos to five bedroom family retreats.


More than her work ethic and beautiful work she is a pleasure to work with.

Thank you Shelley!

Kin Blumenfeld

Heritage Properties                                 

Shelley has staged several of our listings and we always get great comments from other Realtors and potential buyers. She studies the home and meticulously plans a theme and color scheme and runs with it! Her staging design is so tasteful and hi-lights the best features and flow of the home. Her well thought out plan definitely helps sell the home!


Shelley is my go to stager, she's one of the best out there!


Thank you Shelley!


Debbie Gibbs

Compass Realty


​I have used Shelley Neel's staging services with great success on my listings for the past five years.


She is an excellent stager and I highly recommend her staging services.


She also provides assistance in professional cleaning and removal of unwanted items and old furniture. Her pricing is very competitive which my sellers appreciate.


Bruce Baldwin

Crow Canyon Realty


We have worked with Shelley Neel for over 8 years as she came highly  recommended by fellow agents in our office. Over the years Shelley has proven to be a valuable member of our team. Through her creative designs she’s helped our clients realize significant added value in the sale of their homes by helping buyers see the property’s true potential. Home staged by her are reflect the home and hearth we all want to live in.


We look forward to collaborate on many more projects in the years ahead


Lee and Steve Maloney

Diablo Realty Group


​I have used the staging services of Shelley Neel for over six years. She always has a flair for making a home looks its best!


Several years ago, I had a listing where the seller really didn't want to do anything to fix up the home prior to selling...she wanted to sell as is!


Shelley was able to create a whole new look, on a limited budget! The result was several offers over asking! The home showed so well to neighbors that were familiar with what the home looked like before her efforts staging.


As a result, I secured another listing that she staged beautifully and that listing sold in 5 days over asking price!


Mike Manning

EPIC Properties Group


Shelley definitely has an eye for improving the look of a room! She and her staff are professional, prompt and organized.


She is flexible in her design approach and knows how to add just the right detail to bring out the best in a home!


Thank you for redesigning my home!





​We highly recommend Shelley Neel for staging your home. We were getting ready to prep our home in Piedmont for sale and heard that someone wanted to come see it before it went to listing. They wanted to come the next day!


I panicked and called Shelley and she dropped everything and came over with various staging items.


She was able to use most of our furniture and helped guide us as to what needed to be removed. She decorated the house in one day and the next day the buyers made an offer we couldn't refuse!


She has quite a gift for design and what makes a home look its best for a buyer. 


You will not be disappointed!


Polly and Bob

Walnut Creek

































































































































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