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Exclusive Services

Types Of Staging:

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Vacant Full Staging:

- The homeowner is completely moved out and we stage every room.

Vacant Partial Staging:

- The homeowner is completely moved out but we are only staging some rooms.

Vacant Mixed Staging:

- The homeowner is completely moved out but has left a few select pieces of furniture we will utilize in our staging.

Occupied Staging:

- The homeowner will be living at the home and has either partially moved or intends to move when the sale is complete.

Wealth of experience


When you choose to stage with us, you're not just investing in a service; you're investing in Shelley's wealth of experience—a culmination of over a decade and a half of expertise. Our personalized approach means direct communication with Shelley herself, providing clients with the assurance of unparalleled guidance and insight throughout the staging journey.

We own all of our staging Items:

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At Staged by Shelley, we eliminate the hassle of dealing with rental companies, ensuring a seamless process for clients and agents.

In house movers

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With a dedicated team of movers, we orchestrate efficient and timely setups, leaving no room for compromise on quality or convenience.

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